Courtney + Dale | Enid, OK

I know Courtney and Dale through my husband. Dale and my husband, Nathan, are in the same class at work. Although they aren’t in the same flight, they do see each other from time to time. We’ve all spent a bit of time together but I don’t think any of us realized how great we get along! It was awesome! We did so much laughing and talking between photos, which made things just flow. Once they both got the hang of what to do when I said “Okay, now nuzzle!” it really became natural. They were such good sports. It also didn’t hurt that Courtney and Dale totally let me take the reins and let my creative flag fly. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to photograph such wonderful people. Courtney has the most adorable giggle and it photographs SO well and Dale, obviously, is incredibly handsome. They make the perfect couple! Enjoy!

Photog Love & Mine,




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