Kayce + Drew | Enid, OK

Oh, Garrett family! You’re both so wonderful! We had a day full of smiles a few weeks ago. We started with a morning Christmas session (Kayce came so prepared – I loved it!), headed to a mid afternoon flight line session in honor of the Garretts finding out they’ll be staying put for their next assignment, and then finished the day with some gorgeous fall photos!

Just a little back story: I know the Garretts through my husband, Nathan. Nathan, Drew, and Kayce all went to West Virginia University together and Nathan and Drew both were Aerospace Engineering majors and in ROTC together. I met Drew and Kayce in Morgantown, WV during one of my weekend visits to Nathan and the Garretts were just adorable. They are so cute together and you can just feel the love between them. Drew and Kayce were actually middle school, that’s right, MIDDLE SCHOOL sweethearts. They grew up together and finally got hitched their junior year of college. So, the Garretts and Nathan spent a lot of time together at WVU.

When my husband got his orders that said we’d be going to Vance AFB for training, we were both so excited to have friends already here! Then great news came that a house came available on base (we wanted Nathan to be able to roll out of bed and get to work) so we called our friends the Garretts to check it out for us. You’ll never guess what happens next, or maybe you will…the house ended up being right next door to them!! I mean, look outside your living room into our living room next door! What are the odds?! Needless to say, we love having them as neighbors! Kayce is a great cook and has saved us from eating my terrible dinners on many occasions and Drew seriously has the most adorable laugh. Both of them are such great friends to have! We’re lucky to know them! Enjoy their gorgeous pilot-y, Fall + Christmas session!

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