Winchester + Remington’s First Snow | Enid, OK

For those who have met me or my husband, Nathan, you know that we’re obsessed with our dogs. To put it in perspective for you, we’re those dog park going, feed our dogs bison and venison all protein food, let them sleep in the bed — UNDER THE COVERS, take them everywhere with us people. I never thought we’d be the type of people whose lives revolved around their pooches, but we totally are. My name is Abbey and I have an obsession with my dogs. (Hello, Abbey!) But, in my defense, how could you resist those sweet Sarah McLachlan, please cuddle me, eyes?! I’m such a sucker.

Anyway, our babies loved the snow! We let them out and they frolicked and played and I swear they even flashed a smile a couple times. Remington, our black lab, seemed to appreciate the snow a little more than Winchester the corgidor. Chester was a bit more skeptical until we put on our boots and went out there with him (he’s definitely our baby of the two).

I hope your family enjoyed the wonderfully magical snow day as much as we did! Enjoy!

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