The Alfords | Family Photography: Enid, OK

This little family is just perfection. I can’t tell you guys how simply sweet they are! I was so thankful that Devon + Danielle asked if I would be willing to photograph their family. I met the Alfords how I meet most of my military friends…at the dog park (don’t judge us). Everyone usually gathers after work between 5-7PM (we’re lucky because I can look out of our kitchen window and see if there are people there already) and let our dogs run off some serious energy. Our dogs, Winchester and Remington, perk right up the moment we say the words “dog park” or “walkies” — our dogs are so smart that they even know when Nathan and I spell it to each other! Anyway, I always just adored the Alfords and their big beluga whale bulldog, Bruce. Bruce always has a smile on his face and is a favorite at the dog park. He has the best personality! The Alfords are wonderful people and after a year or so of training in Arkansas, they are off to Japan (with their little bundle of joy)! Best of luck, you guys! You’re both such great people! Enjoy!

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