The Williams | Family Photography: Enid, OK

Oh, snowy days, how I love you so! Is there anything more magical than snow? I love how quiet the world is. How heavenly and pure everything looks. Ah, I’m such a whacko. Can you believe that top of my list of places I hope Nathan gets stationed is Alaska?! Sometimes I just Google pictures of it…

Anyway, Courtney and Jeremiah were awesome! Totally took off their jackets and waltzed right into the snow. I am so appreciative when clients are flexible and just roll with the punches. Courtney and Jeremiah started off a little “um, Abbey…why are you making him put his hand there?” but really got into our shoot towards the middle of it! I always like to use the word “hunky” to describe the men at my shoots. I feel like it’s the best way to convey the look we’re going for. And like most of the men I photograph, Jeremiah really seemed to take to being called that! That really puts a little oomph behind the nuzzle! Another thing I love is when couples bring their pets along! I can totally relate to feeling like my dogs are actually my children! Of course their malamutes loved frolicking in the snow and seriously made these faces where they were looking right through my lens and into my soul. Loved them! I hope you see the magic and beauty of this shoot the way I do! Courtney is obviously gorgeous and really rocked this shoot and Jeremiah was totally…..hunky! Enjoy!

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