The Yarbroughs | Family + Maternity Photograpy: Enid, OK

SO happy Kim contacted me to take her maternity photos. She and her family came so prepared with props and you could really feel the love between all of them. Kim and Paulo’s little boy, Carter was so well behaved and totally loved helping me anyway he could. I bet he is just as helpful around the house. He was one of those kids that you felt like you could just chill with. We kept talking like friends and it’s crazy to me how some children are seriously so incredibly smart. It was like my friend Carter and I were taking pictures. Loved it! Kim and Paulo were so adorable together. Paulo is such a gentleman and you could tell just by seeing the way he looked at Kim that he was crazy about her. And can we blame him? Kim is carrying twin boys! As in, TWO babies! Why does she look so good? She was super active too, just a walking and bending machine! Seriously, you guys, you wouldn’t have even known she was pregnant if it weren’t for her beautiful bump! Loved photographing these wonderful people! Enjoy!

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