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So one of my biggest New Year resolutions for my business is to blog more. I noticed that I really gravitate and adore photographers, or businesses as a whole, that blog and really let their personalities shine through. I feel like I’ve been seeing blogging as “just one more thing” on my to-do list, which is weird since I have a B.S. in Communications! I can’t even count how many papers and essays I’ve written in my school career. Sheesh! So you’d think that writing came naturally to me. And it does! It’s the whole doing it thing and feeling like I don’t know what to write about that makes it difficult. I’d really like to change that and work more towards making my site interesting and blogging about personal things even if I don’t necessarily have a super awesome photo shoot for you to see. Hope that’s okay!

To kickoff my new found writing bug, I’d like to tell you a little more about me and my honey bunny. Well, Nathan and I actually met for the very first time over that long Christmas/holiday break in college during our freshman year. We met through our mutual friend and hung out in a group setting. I can picture exactly what he was wearing so vividly and chuckle every time he happens to wear the same old lacrosse sweatshirt and jeans. He was a total babe. He had just the right amount of man child scruff and had these baby blue eyes that were just to die for. I thought he was super cute but 18 year old Abbey wasn’t the kind of girl to walk up to a hunk and just say “Hey, we could totally be soul mates. Want my number?!” So we left with memories from a great night with friends.

Fast forward to junior year Christmas break and almost 21 year old Abbey was a changed woman. So here’s the scenario when Nathan and I “meet again” after not speaking at all from the first time we met: I asked our mutual friend to hang out, you know, like, let’s just do nothing – I won’t even shower! Wellllll, I wish I would’ve! When I pulled up to his house, guess what hunkamuffin hottiemchotness was there with him?! Yeah. Cool. It was too late to turn back so I just went with it, hoping Nathan was into the au natural look…and luckily, he totally is. We hit it off again and we became inseparable and our relationship developed quickly. The stars aligned and here we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

We’ve been together 3 years now and although I’m not sure we’ll ever grow out of the “honeymoon stage” (and I hope we never do!) there was just something so special about our 1 year wedding anniversary. I’m not sure if we cherish our relationship more because we were long distance for what seemed like forever (Nathan went to West Virginia University and I went to Old Dominion University back home), but I think with every passing day our love gets stronger. Our anniversary wasn’t anything super special but at the same time, it was. Everything just felt more romantic, our kisses seemed sweeter and we made sure to really make time for ourselves rather than our usual Sunday hustle and bustle preparing for Monday. I also need to give a special shoutout to my mom who must’ve wrapped the top of our hideous wedding cake at least 20 times so we could enjoy it! It may have been ugly but it was DELICIOUS as ever. Thank you!

To my sweetheart: Thank you for being there. You light up my life. There’s never a dull moment and life with you is always an adventure. I adore your new mustache and when you speak in your German voice. I love how much you let me spoil our dogs. I love that you always get out to fill up the truck, even when it’s cold and raining. And I love that you let me put my cold feet on you and that you’re always up for kisses. You give me the confidence to be myself and make me want to do better. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me and how much I cherish our love. I loving knowing our life together has just begun so I can have you longer. You’re the most amazing man and deserve so much happiness. Thank you for being my partner. I love you, thank you, and here’s to many more!

While visiting our families in Virginia over the holidays, thanks to Nathan’s dad generously gifting us with plane tickets, Nathan’s sisters took some pretty adorable anniversary photos of us. Snaps to the sister in laws! I may be a little biased but that sweet smile of Nathan’s just totally melts my heart. Gah, I love that man! I hope you enjoy!

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