Doug and Kala | Married February 21, 2015: Enid, OK

I had THE MOST amazing opportunity to second shoot for Kayla Joy Photography! Kayla asked if I would assist her for this wedding and since I absolutely love working with couples, I gladly said yes! Since this was my first wedding, I was obviously really nervous a nervous wreck. Taking on weddings seems like a natural progression since I do really adore working with couples, but I even needed Nathan to give me a pep talk as I was getting all my gear ready. I’ve been to plenty of weddings to know how the show goes, but being on this side of the lens, actually capturing this mega super duper special day – it’s a little overwhelming! It’s not like I can just step in and say “Oh, hey guys – could you actually do that first kiss as husband and wife again”. Yeah, no. I was put at ease knowing that Kayla has quite the wedding portfolio. She is so kind to me and I can’t even begin to express how appreciative I am of her generosity. I tell her all the time, but if you’re reading this, Kayla, you’re a ROCKSTAR and I love working at your side. You’re beyond talented and am so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from such a creative soul. Thank you!

Anyway, I get to the church and knock on the door to see Kala, the bride, getting ready and she is just down right gorgeous. She has this incredible smile and the silliest giggle. She was beaming! We really hit it off and it only sweetened the deal. I felt so comfortable around her and wanted to be sure that I could help make this truly one of the most magical days of her life. And it was. It was such a beautiful wedding! Her soon to be husband was just as sweet, they truly make the perfect match. I hope you enjoy some of these shots from Doug and Kala’s wonderful day! Thank you both for letting me enjoy your day with you! It was an honor capturing your day! Enjoy!

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