Jennifer + Bryant | Maternity Photography: Enid, OK

There are so many cool hashtags I could use to describe how I feel about this session. As I was shooting, I really couldn’t control my excitement. I was squeaking and oohing the entire time. Jennifer is so beautiful pregnant and looked beyond amazing, not to mention, she came perfectly dressed! I couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was. We timed our session perfectly, the sun was just right and all the shots I got, in my opinion, are so frame worthy! I’m obsessed. I would seriously frame these photos if it wasn’t creepy to hang other people in my home. I wish I could describe the love between these two. They have the kind of love people dream about! Seriously. Bryant kept telling Jennifer how beautiful she looked and how much he loved her. He would very chivalrously help her walk in the dirt and hop over fences. And the way he looked at her. It was enough to give me shivers! I am honored that I am given the opportunity to be in the presence of such great love. I am so excited for these two. They will make the most amazing parents! Enjoy!

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