Nate + Nicole | Engaged! Engagement Photography: Enid, OK

This couple. Do I really need to explain these two or is it completely obvious? Nicole is a whole lot of firecracker for being so petite. She has hair for days and a killer smile. She is so peppy and her giggle was adorable! This is another couple where you could just tell they were crazy about each other. The way Nate looked at her, helped her around, and let us put him in all crazy posing positions was so kind. I know standing in front of me and letting me pose you is totally awkward but I just have to give a little shoutout to the best clients around! Thank you for trusting me to make you look good! Anyway, these two had so much in common. They were obviously best friends. You could tell in their body language and their never ending giggling as I would adjust my settings or think of another creative pose. I love being in the presence of great love.

Their meeting is one I just have to share: Nate and Nicole met through a mutual love of theirs – flying. They are both aviators and when I say they love planes, they love planes. When we got on the flight line, Nicole was all smiles whenever she looked at the T-6, she actually mentioned that the planes just looked like they were smiling. I know, I know. For the rest us who don’t necessarily see the T-6 in all its beauty, in this situation, you just go with it. I have to say, though, I think after this session, I may have a new thing for planes myself…I obviously already have a thing for pilots. 😉 I think that this session turned out great and I loved being able for Nate and Nicole to enjoy what they love together and allow their engagement photos to represent them! We started off on the flight line (which was very windy!) and ended up in a good ol’ Oklahoma field when the lighting was just perfect. Enjoy this amazing session! Best of luck to Nate + Nicole!

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