Rochelle + Warren are married! | Wedding Photography: Enid, OK

I second shot Rochelle and Warren’s special day alongside Kayla from Kayla Joy Photography. So appreciative that she allowed me this opportunity! She is beyond amazing and I’m just hoping that even a hint of her talent rubs off on me. She is a true artist. Thank you, thank you, Kayla!

Now to the good stuff: Rochelle and Warren are married!!! And they’re such an amazing couple! They balance each other out so well! Rochelle is one of those “no matter what, it’s going to be perfect” kind of people. Very go with the flow. I loved how she totally trusted us to document her day! Their day went off without a hitch, seriously. Everyone involved were beyond helpful in making their day magical. Side note: the only thing I would even comment on about their day is that, unfortunately, Warren accidentally got a black eye the day before their wedding. Yikes! I wouldn’t have even mentioned it, but it’s one of those things you’re going to see. Even so, try to tell me he still doesn’t look dapper as ever! He’s from South Africa, too. So I kept purposely asking him questions I already knew the answer to so I could hear him speak. Yeah. The coolest.

Rochelle looked radiant and perfectly coordinated her colors and picked the coolest place for their wedding. You’d never even know it was there if you didn’t have a VIP invite. It’s a gorgeous location nestled in Ames, OK called Guest Island Ranch (the staff was superb, highly recommend!). There were animals on site and the entire day was exactly how Rochelle pictured it.

Without further ado, the Wheeler wedding!

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