Marjorie + Alex | Anniversary & Pet Photography: Enid, OK

You guys…have you ever met someone and it was, like, the best first meeting ever? Or you met someone and it was just too late to really be able to spend time with them or get to know them and be friends? Well, this was that couple for me. I feel like I should post on “missed connections” on Craigslist or something. Marjorie and Alex are seriously the coolest people I’ve met on a long time.

They are crazy down to Earth and just good hearted people. I’m telling you, they’re the kind of go-with-the-flow friends you want to have. I imagine that they’re probably the impromptu party having, YOLO-ing kind of folk. Is YOLO still cool? I feel like I’m a little behind on the lingo these days. Anyway, I loved that this couple brought their pups along on this session and that they’re totally almost rebels. What I mean is, most bases only allow a certain amount of pets per household and at Vance AFB, you’re only allowed 3 (Which isn’t exactly ideal in my opinion because I want to save all the animals, not to mention Oklahoma is a pretty terrible animal cruelty offender. Just don’t get me started because I’ll get too intense about freeing all the orcas. Seriously. I love them.) and the Begues have exactly 3! Nathan and I are considering adopting a third dog eventually so we’re almost rebels, too.

Back to the happy couple: they brought their 3 furbabies, dressed perfectly, are madly in love, and the light was magic. What more could a photographer want? I wish I could’ve spent more time with them before they moved but thankful they allowed me the opportunity to photograph them. Sigh, missed connections. Enjoy their session and please consider bringing your furry children along! …And if you don’t have any furry children, you should totally consider adopting one, or all. Who’s really counting anyway?

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