Bree + Kevin | Engagement Photography: Enid, OK

Geez, am I just getting around to blogging this session?! Crazy because it’s definitely one of my favorites to date! Bree and Kevin are so cute together! I could’ve photographed them all day! They’re here for pilot training at Vance AFB but originally from California. I’ve heard they have more bounce there. Get it? Anyone remember the good ol’ Laguna Beach days when they’d play that song all the time. Anyway, I loved spending time with Bree and Kevin, they are both incredibly smart and ready to take on the rest of their lives.

Bree is just downright gorgeous. In the right lighting, she has this beautiful fiery auburn hair. For those who don’t know – I definitely have a thing for redheads. Or maybe it’s envy. Either way, I love photographing gorgeous red locks. Kevin is equally handsome and very mild mannered. He has this cool, calm, collected way about him. He was very understated. Like, he knows he’s adorable, but didn’t have to flaunt his good looks. He was also a little bashful in front of the camera. Which I get, it’s not everyday you have a crazy girl with a camera in your face posing you in a bunch of (what feels) awkward poses.

Their love story is one of perseverance and passion. Their love story actually starts way back to their days on the playground. Their moms were friends and apparently they were very Cory and Topanga for the longest time. It took just one moment to turn this friendship into a relationship. From there, the two were hooked. Even through the dreaded long distance during college. Which I completely understand since Nathan and I did the same. It’s torture. But, there is something special about finally being married now!

I was so honored and privileged to photograph this happy couple! So thankful to have such kind clients. Here’s to the future Mr. and Mrs. Carrington! They are going to be a vision on their wedding day! Congratulations again, you two!

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