Morganne + John | Maternity Photographer: Enid, OK

You’ve heard me blab on about how cool these two are already so I’ll spare you the sappy details (for the most part) and hit you with the good stuff. Morganne and John have left Enid and continued nesting in in Arkansas where John will be flying the C-130. Morganne and John have been loyal clients of mine from the start. They are so cool and down for whatever I throw at them. I love hearing, “no, we trust you! let’s do it!”. The only request made was from Morganne who wanted to incorporate this gorgeous quilted blanket! So cute! They came dressed perfectly and, as you can see, Morganne has mermaid hair. I think there’s a hair trend going on with me. I love luscious locks. If only my own would grow. I remember John being a little shy last time I photographed him, granted, he was in front of his in-laws when I was directing him to “nuzzle” Morganne. So, maybe that killed the mood a little. This time, for their maternity session, he rocked it. Didn’t put up a fuss or roll his eyes one bit… in front of me at least! But seriously, they were both so beautiful and they’re expecting a baby girl soon! Bonus points: like every other woman in the world, I’ve already thought of names for our future kids, and I have a thing for original, and admittedly, slightly androgynous names. So when Morganne and John announced they are naming their baby girl Andie. It sealed the deal for me. How cute is that?! These two are going to make wonderful parents! Enjoy their session!

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