The McCormicks | Family Photography: Enid, OK

I’ve been pursuing my dream of being a professional photographer since last April, and more seriously just in recent months. Since then, I feel like I’ve really found my niche and specialty. I seriously love shooting couples in love – engagements, weddings, anniversaries, etc. I love the feeling I get from shooting them. It’s a total high. Being around that kind of passion and excitement is contagious. It’s like smelling lemons for hours. You just feel good. And for me personally, it lights my fire. It’s what I prefer and what I love to do.

Even though I’ve been trying to gear my work towards couples, when the adorable family down the street asks if you’re available for a session, you don’t turn them away! I mean, seriously, look at them. Should you call Ralph or should I? I think I found the cover models for their summer spread.

Amber is the epitome of a sweet southern belle. She is gorgeous at all hours of the day. Walking Anniston at noon in the middle of summer? Flawless. Maybe a glisten. An impromptu cookout? Hair perfectly curled. She makes being a woman look effortless. You would never know little Anniston just turned a year old!

John likes to portray himself as the strong silent type, but Anniston has him wrapped around her little finger. She is quite sassy and adorable for only being 1. John is one of those people who makes those funny comments, but says them so fast that you need to catch them. He’s very good at just micdropping it. Just lays it all out. Super funny!

So having the whole family together was a treat. The cutest thing that happened our time together was when Amber would say “give me some sugars” or “blow Abbey some sugars”. Sugars = kisses. Anniston would put her little bitty hand up and blow me kisses. Talk about making me melt! Enjoy their adorable family session!

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