Jonny V. – OBA Senior| High School Senior Photography: Enid, OK

It was awesome shooting Jonny’s senior pictures. He came ready to smile, perfectly dressed, and had lots of cool props that really showed off his personality. Plus, I think there’s definitely something in the water around here, am I right?! (He just graduated high school, ladies! I know, I know!)

Jonny was going for that cool, effortless kind of senior picture vibe. He was totally against the stereotypical “put your hand on your chin and tilt your head to the side” posing (luckily). So I knew we were going to have to be pretty original with how and where we were going to shoot. I’m so thankful Jonny trusted that what I was capturing was making him look good. I think his session came out great!

Jonny will be attending Oklahoma State University on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. He hopes to become a pilot just like his dad. How awesome is that?! I know he’ll be great. Best of luck, Jonny!

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