Kevin + Lauren | Engagement Photography: Enid, Oklahoma

So I’m thinking we should just go ahead and get the obvious aside, these two = gorgeousness. I know, I know, people! How do you think I feel when I’m behind the lens taking it all in?! I can’t tell you how many times I said “OMG!” and “YAAAAS!” during their session. Lauren’s auburn hair and hazel eyes, perfect teeth, and killer style. Kevin’s handsome smirk, affable personality, and perfectly sculpted features. Like, I wish that I could just follow them around daily and be part of their entourage.

I met Kevin through my hubby since he and Kevin have been buddies from the start of pilot training. Kevin always spoke about his long time girlfriend, Lauren, who was living it up in NYC while he was here in Enid for training. We met her a couple times and really liked her but it wasn’t until Kevin proposed on New Year’s Eve in NYC and she moved to Enid, did we really get to know her. And, boy, is she seriously funny! She is so relaxed and light hearted, she is also a great dancer! She’s one of those could talk to a wall and make friends with anyone people. You know the type – effortlessly kind.

Kevin and Lauren are another one of those unicorn, we met in the sandbox (okay, not exactly, but almost!), couples. They have so many memories with high school friends, dances, football games, vacations. Literally years of history! To top off their perfect match, they even have the same birthday. They were born on the same day, in the same year, at the same hospital. Freaky, right?!

I was so honored that Kevin and Lauren chose me to be their engagement photographer. They could’ve literally chosen anyone and it just meant the world to me that they trusted me with this special time in their lives. I, of course, was stoked to photograph them! They came totally prepared and perfectly put together! And it always helps that we already have a relationship so we can get to the good stuff instead of having to break the ice. Trust me, I know how awkward it is to loosen up when I’m 3 feet away from your face, telling you to kiss your bride-to-be’s shoulder! But it always leads to something genuine. And beautiful. And uniquely you.

I love this couple and this session! Congrats again, K + L! #walkerdowntheaisle

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