Wednesday Shenanigans: Remington & her pool

By now I’m pretty sure all of those who’ve at least glanced at my Facebook page and website know that I’m not-so-secretly obsessed with our dogs. They completely light up my life! I quite honestly don’t know what people do without them. They’re always happy to see you, they’re always in a good mood, and they bring you presents! It’s the best. And I’m a proud mama when it comes to our babies.

Since it’s the middle of summer in the middle of the country, you can imagine it gets stifling hot out. And being from the East Coast, I can attest that the heat is definitely a dry heat. Every few days Nathan and I go back and forth on which is worse. 84 degrees in Virginia felt like 180 degrees because of the humidity. You would literally stick to everything. Don’t bother putting on makeup and definitely don’t wear your hair down. Just don’t, trust me.

Oklahoma, however, is full of sorcery. It’s like one minute you feel a cool breeze and the next it feels like a hair dryer. And I’m thirsty ALL THE TIME during the summer in Oklahoma. It’s so dry.

I wish we could have a pool right in our backyard or our bathtub was big enough for me to swim in, but since we don’t, this is what we do on a sizzlin’ summer day in Oklahoma. Remington is a water girl through and through and loves spending time in her pool. I decided to document her adventures today. Love that face! Winchester was there too but he usually stays clear of the water unless there’s a duck involved.

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