Nathan’s Drop Night: C-130J to Ramstein AFB, Germany!

Holy cow, you guys! It happened! I can’t believe it!

I walked into last night like I owned the place, totally calm and collected, thinking that whatever happened – it was going to be okay! But man, I was weirdly flustered and overwhelmed. I think it just hit me all at once that “OMG, Abbey. This is the rest of your lives. It’s happening.” so I was a little more emotional than I thought I’d be. So, spouses, if you’re reading this – it happens. Believe me. The heart dropping, shaking, sweating. It’s all there.

In our defense, it doesn’t help that the night feels so incredibly dramatic! Nathan’s IPs were dropping hints about assignments that were completely off the wall, tons of people were there to watch, families are in town. It would’ve been such a different story if we were just finding his assignment in an e-mail. But the music, and the slideshow. Everything just makes it feel more dramatic!

If you’re wondering how Germany came to be:

When Nathan and I sat down to think over all the options we were given, we already had a good idea of what we wanted and thought would be a good fit for us (mostly him!). Having months to think about it all, we were pretty excited for whatever could happen. Wherever we’d get. But, we were really hoping for something out of the ordinary and adventurous. We put all of the overseas options at the top of our list because we’re young, don’t plan on having children anytime in the foreseeable future, and have a serious case of wanderlust. We want to really start our lives and make happy memories. We really thought “when else are we ever going to have the opportunity to be this selfish again?!”. But the way assignments work is such a gamble. You can put in your dream sheet, do your very best, and get your dead last pick! Leading up to Drop Night, I had a gut feeling we were going to get C-17s somewhere (crossed my fingers for Alaska). Which is an awesome airframe! I couldn’t have been more excited. So with that being said, neither of us really entertained the idea of going to Germany. I don’t know why because it was (obviously) a very realistic possibility. It was at the top of our list. We just weren’t as sure that we’d get our top picks! Luckily for the majority of our class, everyone got some amazing assignments and are stoked to finish up this chapter in Enid.

Now Nathan graduates and gets his wings in 2 weeks and then we wait until it’s time to pack up and move to Little Rock, AR for more training (for about a year). Then, we’ll be off to Deutschland! (Still feels unreal! We’ve been talking in German accents and listening to German music all day!)

Now time for pictures! So if you didn’t keep up with us in real time on Instagram, here we are just hanging out before things started (I apologize for all the not so great phone pics – but not really, because I love them!):


And then the good action starts!




IMG_0014 IMG_0015

^^ This was my “WE’RE GOING TO GERMANY?!?!?!?” face. All sorts of emotions!

11794277_1162599980433580_5491700595545902286_o 11807514_1162599800433598_6143283365343426402_o

We were SO excited! I’ll never forget the grin on Nathan’s face when we saw the slide! These are the pictures from afterwards.

IMG_5441 IMG_0063 IMG_0065 IMG_0067 IMG_0072 IMG_0080

^^ I LOVE the smile he has in this picture.

So thankful to our friends Lauren, Kayce, and Bri for taking these photos for us!

Until next time, auf wiedersehen!



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