Dale + Courtney | T-38 Flight Line Session Air Force Photographer: Enid, Oklahoma

I’m always so happy to photograph these two. Again, just to preface, we know these guys through pilot training. Dale and Nathan were in the first phase of training together. Dale tracked T-38s and wanted some cool pics with his plane. So I was all like, um yeah, let’s do it! I definitely think this was a little case of foreshadowing because just a week later, Dale’s new assignment is officially flying this bad boy here in Enid for the next few years! And just an FYI, it’s a serious honor to get a T-38 instructor gig right out of training!

We totally get it though, Dale is adorable in every way. He has to try pretty hard to keep up with Courtney though. I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but she’s definitely up there with people I always love to be around. They both are! We always love spending time with them. And this session was amazing per usual. Stoked for this happy couple!


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