Tyson Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer: Manitou Springs, Colorado

The moments I spent with Ben leading up to the start of the ceremony were ones I’ll never forget. Ben is without doubt, madly in love with his bride, Jalyn. He wasn’t nervous, he was ready! Ready to start their lives together. I loved spending time with these two on their special day. Special thanks to CJF Photography for asking me to tag along!

Their wedding took place at a beautiful inn in Manitou Springs, CO. Talk about GORGEOUS! Jalyn was a dream in her wedding dress. She was effortlessly classic. I especially loved her hairpiece. Just pulled the whole look together. Ben was dapper as ever in his Air Force blues.

In this business, it’s hard not to have favorites, and these groomsmen were one of the best! So much personality and genuinely concerned about being there for their friend. Ben couldn’t have put together a better group of guys.

This wedding was perfection, down to the very last boutonniere. Enjoy and congratulations again, J + B!


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