Erica + Spencer | Engagement Photography: Enid, OK

Have I mentioned how much I adore photographing couples lately? Seriously. There’s such a sweetness about it that just wows me. I adore the natural posing, giggling, and sweet love between them. It’s seriously amazing! I met Spencer through my husband while at Vance Air Force Base since they’re both in training. We call him Peot (everyone in the military goes by last names – it’s weird, I know, but just go with it) and whenever my husband says something to the effect of he’s inviting people over, Peot is on my list of favorites. He’s just adorable! He’s kind and considerate, the best kind of awesome. He’s super funny too! But not in an obnoxious way, he’s the kind of guy you want to be around. We’re so lucky to have met him! With all that sweetness, you’d never know he’s bound for Arizona to fly F-16s! Cool, huh?!

He spoke about his then girlfriend, and now fiancé, Erica so much! It’s sweet to hear how some of these guys talk about their loved ones. I feel like I’m in the cool crowd or on the other side for once because I get an inside look as to how they really feel about us! Anyway, Erica is just as perfect as Spencer described. She has the bubbliest personality! I felt like we’d been friends for years! We really hit it off, and it’s an added bonus she had the most perfect curly hair! Like little ringlets. They were so soft though! Ah! My hair envy will never cease. Something cool about these two is that they’re both officers in the Air Force! Fingers crossed they’re able to get stationed together!

We started on the flight line at Vance Air Force Base but then made our way to the perfect little patch of open field and trees. I think the simplicity of each location really made for the perfect engagement session setup!

I had the best time shooting the future Mr. and Mrs. Peot. They are full of joy and happiness! They’re a perfect match! Stoked for them to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife! Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness, Erica + Spencer!xoxoAbbey


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