Savannah + Nick | Anniversary & Family Photography: Enid, Oklahoma

Oh, the joys of having clients that you just absolutely click with! Like, where has this family been?! I was originally in contact with Savannah who wanted an anniversary session with her and her husband, Nick, but after a while, she realized she and her family haven’t updated family photos for quite some time. So we worked up the perfect plan to get the entire gang together! And it was amazing. We started with Savannah’s family and then ended with a private session for just she and Nick, which is my forte and what really gets my creative juices floooowing.

But, with a family like hers, I can see why she wanted to include them! Everyone was SO funny and excited to be there. They were perfectly dressed, too! They wore the perfect mix of colors and patterns for fall. My only regret is that we couldn’t find beautiful fall foliage to really tie it together (but, hey, we’re in Oklahoma!). I love leaving a session refreshed and alive, it’s the best feeling. And this family was just good for my soul! I loved the laughs and time we shared. Thank you so much to Savannah and her entire family for allowing me to photograph them! Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!





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