Lily + Zac | Engagement & Couples Photography: Enid, Oklahoma

Oooh, this couple. So beautiful! I literally couldn’t get enough of this sun drenched session. It was so absolutely gorgeous and the love between Lily and Zac is so apparent, you can’t help but smile.

Lily and Zac have one of those ridiculously sweet, you only read in books or see in movies kind of love. They met a few times in high school, but it wasn’t until Zac’s younger sister, Meg, became best friends with Lily that Zac could make his move. Zac played it cool until that one day that things changed, the two had mutual feelings for each other and Zac was no longer seen as Meg’s “big brother”. How cute is that?!

Lily and Zac are both still in school at UCO so we ventured down to Edmond to get some of these crazy beautiful shots. I was so honored to be part of this special time in their lives and think that the best has yet to come for this gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) couple! Enjoy their session!





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