Are we a match?

Are we a match? I’m seriously hoping the answer is a resounding yes! But not all photographers are the same. There are so many photographers out there, it’s hard to choose, I get it! But one of the most important things is that you’re comfortable with and feel confident about the person taking your photos! I know that may sound obvious, but I think it needs to be said before we agree that we’re the perfect fit! To help with this, I have put together a list of things that I really adore when it comes to my clients and some things that just really aren’t for me. I want to be completely open about what you can expect from our time together! I say grab a drink and quickly speed date through this page to see how I stack up!

We’re a match if you:


  • Your fiancé are crazy about each other
  • Connect with my work
  • Value photography
  • Like to make out in front of your friends
  • Are considering eloping
  • Adore loose, organic bouquets with extra greenery
  • Wanna be friends with me
  • Have an earthy or neutral color palette
  • Are detail oriented and like being prepared
  • Like a good dance party
  • Are having the wedding of your dreams
  • Love natural light and being outdoors
  • Like handwritten thank you notes
  • Aren’t afraid to get a little dirty
  • Like all things boho, perfectly undone, and romantic
  • Spend hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration


We may not fit if you:


  • Hate greenery
  • Don’t find value in florals and decor
  • Prefer indoor locations and flash photography
  • Like over edited and retouched pictures
  • Aren’t comfortable in your own skin
  • Don’t like my portfolio
  • Don’t really like the person you’re marrying
  • Think bright colors and crazy patterns are life
  • Don’t like being outside
  • Aren’t really into timelines
  • Don’t believe that lighting is everything
  • Can’t really envision what your day will look like
  • Like very posed portraits
  • Like a lot of distracting props
  • Don’t dig flowy, organic, loose, undone things
  • Think Pinterest is lame
Sound like we’re a match? Perfect. Let’s do it!

If you find we unfortunately don’t have much in common, I would be more than happy to refer you to a photographer friend that could make your wedding dreams come true! I want every couple to feel absolute joy on their wedding day!!

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