Artfully capturing the love stories of refined, yet effervescent couples and all of life's celebrations


Abbey Leigh Photography is a published fine art wedding photographer endlessly dedicated to creating soulful portraiture for her delightfully vibrant and extraordinary clients in Texas and across the globe.

With a passion for sentimental story telling and evocative moments, Abbey strives to create the best possible environment to allow the moments that really matter unfold naturally, and with ease. Getting to know her clients well is instrumental in not only making them feel valued, but adds a comfortability to their relationship that allows their best selves to shine through on their best days ever. Serving couples with equal parts passion and humor – as a photographer, you’re in great hands, and as a friend, you’re in the best.



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I've got your back on
your best day ever!

In a world full of so many choices and perfectly styled feeds and pins, I see the beauty in you and the moments that really matter. I am dedicated to guiding and helping my couples navigate and savor every moment of the day they’ve waited so long to come.


Capturing the essence of who you are as a couple and putting you at ease during our time together are my top priorities as your photographer. By providing you the tools to help you truly enjoy and navigate this new season and your special day, you can count on me to make you feel confidently beautiful in front of my lens.


With my industry experience and unparalleled ability to anticipate the moments you wish would last forever, I provide you confidence in front of the camera, space to allow meaningful moments to happen organically, and artistically interpret and immortalize your love story to enjoy for generations to come. I’m the dress fluffing, hair out of your face moving, lipstick off your teeth wiping, honorary bridesmaid you never knew you needed.