Gibraltar wasn’t somewhere necessarily on my list, but when my husband came home from one of his trips saying there are apes that just hang out at the top of this mountain (Rock of Gibraltar) all day, just a few stories above our hotel, I was sold. We flew into Malaga, Spain which was very beautiful in its own right. We then rented a car and drove right to our hotel in Gibraltar.

It was so funny to be brushing up on my Spanish only to be greeted by a jolly Englishman checking passports to get into Gibraltar. For those who don’t know, Gibraltar is a tiny little British territory completely surrounded by Spain, and directly across the strait from Morocco. Making it very rich in history as you can imagine!

Day 1 was travel, but from there, on day 2, we booked a day trip to Tangier and all I can say is, Morocco, you’re a good one – from the sights, to the food, to the people. I’d go on, but I know you’re only here for the pics. 😉 If Gibraltar and Morocco aren’t on your list, I couldn’t recommend either enough if you’re wanting a little adventure to spice up your life. Enjoy and as always, here for questions!

Fuji 400h film scans by Goodman Film Lab