A bespoke, fine art boudoir and intimate portraiture experience and private studio located in the heart of Downtown Abilene, Texas. The expertly decorated space is in a historic building and serves as a versatile natural light space to create timeless imagery for boudoir clients.

what is boudoir?

Boudoir photography is a type of intimate portraiture that celebrates the beauty of a woman and highlights her sensuality, feminine essence, and unique beauty, typically in a bedroom setting – but, it’s truly about so much more than producing tasteful and artistic imagery. Boudoir sessions celebrate the human body in a compelling, evocative, and a delightfully attractive way.

Boudoir Sessions
begin at $595

Boudoir and intimate portraiture is so much more than just taking beautiful portraits – it’s an experience. From the moment you take the first steps of inquiring, I hope you feel so expressly supported and at ease. I hold the honor of capturing your uniqueness closely and acknowledge there’s a vulnerability to placing your trust in me to capture you with a genuine yet refined approach. My most successful sessions are ones where my clients allow me in, to let me see them for who they are, and share how I can best showcase their femininity and evocative sensuality in a way that touches their soul. Sessions with me are about so much more than sexuality and nudity, it’s an experience and the end result is empowerment and photographs that immortalize your one of a kind beauty.



All sessions include between one to two hours of studio time and photography coverage, a digital downloadable online gallery with high-res images, a personalized phone consultation, and preferred vendor recommendations to make your session the best it can be. Clients will have the option to purchase tangibles such as prints or a little black book after your session. On average, my clients invest around $1,500 into their boudoir session and experience. Your images were meant to be printed and shared.


Sessions will take place at a private studio in Downtown Abilene that is flooded with natural light and a timeless bedroom set, props, accessory, and wardrobe pieces to complement your session.


Please inquire about adding custom florals to your session, pricing for florals begin at $350.

five reasons to do
a boudoir session


Boudoir faq

I use a mix of film and digital mediums to produce imagery that results in classic, sophisticated sensual, and romantic portraiture. I want to capture you in an artful, yet intimate way, that will remain timelessly sexy for years. I gently guide you using prompts and positioning in a way that best accentuates your natural curves and beauty.

I do the majority of my boudoir sessions in my private natural light studio in Downtown Abilene, Texas, but often travel to Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin for clients.

The best advice I can give is you know what you like, you know your body, and you know what makes you feel sexy. I suggest my clients bring a variety of options including your favorite lingerie and one solid bra and panty set but don’t limit yourself to just lingerie. Bring your favorite little black dress, your wedding veil, his uniform – you get the idea. This topic will also be discussed during our pre-session consultation but I’m always available and am happy to send you a list of my favorite places to shop for lingerie. Also, I always read this question in the voice of Jim Carrey as The Grinch, did you?

You are remarkably stunning just as you are but I understand wanting to look your absolute best for portrait day, especially for portraits as intimate as these.


My retouching style is very natural and subtle. I do hand edit each individual image to achieve my signature Abbey Leigh Photography aesthetic, as well as edit out any distractions that may take away the focus from the subject of the image. Distractions can be things like flyaway hairs, indentations on the skin, wall outlets, and of course, smooth skin and edit any blemishes or imperfections. However, I’m here to pose and capture you in a way that best highlights your natural beauty and makes you feel like a one of a kind work of art, so extensive editing is never necessary.


During our pre-session consultation we will discuss any insecurities you may have so I can be mindful of my posing and positioning the day of so you feel confidently beautiful and comfortable during our session together. Friends don’t let friends take ugly nudes – and, girl, we’re besties now!

I remember the nerves before booking my own boudoir session, but I only want the best for you and am fully invested in making you feel seen and beautiful! I am very hands on during the entire planning process and session to ensure that I bring your vision to life. I provide wardrobe consultations, planning assistance, tips and tricks, and posing throughout your session. When I say I am in this with you, I mean it!


Not sure if you’re the type of person who would like a session like this? You are. We’ll play music that makes you feel alive, I’ll hype you up in ways you didn’t know you needed, and pose you in ways that no one could question are hot. If you have a body, you have a boudoir body!

Of course I would be honored to share some of the images from your session 1) because I am so proud of you and 2) to attract other clients just like you, but the privacy and comfort of the women who invest in me is of the utmost importance. I only post images where you are identifiable (face, tattoos or recognizable markings, etc.) if you’ve expressly granted me written consent. You can also rest easy because I work with women only vendors, teams, and assistants (if needed), insist on a closed set, and operate in a very private second story studio.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Please fill out my inquiry form with as much information as possible and you’ll receive a response from me as soon as possible. Once you’ve decided on a collection, I’ll then send you an invoice and contract to pay and sign and then the planning fun begins once we’re official. Payment plans are available.

Your total balance will be broken into 2 installments with your final payment due 7 days before your session. I ask for 50% of your total balance up front and that reserves your date and serves as your non-refundable booking fee and retainer.

I do! Please inquire and I will send you a list of my favorite local vendors in your city. I encourage my boudoir clients to get their hair and makeup done to look fresh and feel their absolute best.


What about a spray tan? I want you to do whatever you need to feel your best before your session and if that’s getting a custom spray tan, then do it! I recommend getting it at least 2 days in advance, just in case.

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