I’m SO GLAD you’re here! I’m Abbey, a natural light wedding photographer with a major crush on photographing couples in love, preferably on medium format film. My images are best described as colorful, genuine, and natural. While continuously searching for the best use of space and light and through gentle instruction and guidance, I help pose my couples to ensure you and your love look joyful and radiant on your most special day; a look that never goes out of style.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I serendipitously rediscovered my love for photography and, at the encouragement of the hunk I married, began pursuing my dream of photographing couples in love professionally. In 2017, that same hunk surprised me with an old 35mm camera he found at a thrift store and after my first roll of film, I was hooked and began incorporating it into my client work.

A joy overcomes me when I’m shooting my couples and weddings that I just don’t feel everyday. That’s my why. There is just something about being present in these special moments with you, that lights a fire in me. I love guiding and helping my couples create, navigate, and enjoy every moment of the day they’ve waited so long to come. It would be my honor and privilege to be your personal hype girl and capture those once in a lifetime, evocative moments for you!

Whether you’re newly engaged, getting married, or just stopping by — I’m sure glad you’re here!

My Approach

Moments matter. The in-between moments. The planned moments. The happy moments. The heartfelt moments. I approach each wedding day with two thoughts — “How can I best tell my couples’ love story in an authentic, creative, and remarkable way?” and “How can I capture the feeling of this moment?”. While I love guiding my couples towards the best use of time, space, and light that creates dreamy editorial portraits, I also enjoy taking a step back and allowing meaningful moments to unfold naturally and organically; Let Dad burst into tears seeing you as a bride for the first time, allow grandma have one too many glasses of champagne, and let your first dance with your partner linger just a little longer than you’d planned.

Your wedding will surely be beautiful and every detail plays a part in telling your love story, but after the band plays that final song or all of your gorgeous flowers have begun to wilt, what are you going to remember? Tell me what makes your heart happy. I can’t encourage my clients enough to simply worry about nothing else but being present and allow me and the rest of the vendors you’ve hand chosen to take care of the rest. Be in the moment and in love. There is beauty in everything and I want to capture it with intentionality and lightheartedness.

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Image by Laura Eddy Photography

My Love Story


The first time Nathan and I met we were introduced by a mutual friend when we were about eighteen. I thought he was a total babe but I had a boyfriend at the time, so I tried setting him up with my bestie. Luckily for me, they didn’t hit it off and her loss was going to be my gain in about three years.

The next time we’d meet would be through the same mutual friend over college winter break. Our friend had car trouble while on his way to meet me and the cutest guy came to his rescue. I remembered Nathan right away and seriously regretted skipping a shower that day. He was just as handsome and funny as I remembered and this time I was single.

From that day on we spent almost every day together as “friends” but things changed on Christmas Eve when he asked if I’d like to take a drive to the beach, just us two. Was this a date?! As we were chatting and walking towards the oceanfront, he grabbed my hand for the first time (heart flutters) and we even snuggled “to stay warm”. Something changed that night and it was pretty clear that what I was feeling, he was feeling, too. He then invited me on his boys trip to see WVU spank Clemson in the Orange Bowl. The night before the game we finally kissed and it. was. everything. He asked me to be his girlfriend the next day at the game, and it was a no brainer.

After that we were pretty much smitten! I’m talking maybe a month later and we’re exchanging “I love you”. We did long distance for the remainder of college with him being in West Virginia at WVU and me being in Virginia at ODU, but we made it work! It was definitely hard being apart so much, but I think we just knew this was it and were both so committed to our relationship and making it work despite the distance. I remember thinking it was just so easy to love him!

We married on January 4, 2014, exactly two years after he’d asked me to be his girlfriend, in a small ceremony with only our families present. Shortly after, we moved west so Nathan could start his career in the Air Force. Now here we are, almost 7 years later, I have a husband I can’t stop kissing, traveled to over 40 countries, and 3 of the cutest pups ever! I’m so thankful.

Image by Becca Lea Photography


Chi/Pom/Yorkie mix. Loves his cuddle cup, sleeping under the covers, and other dogs. Runs the house.


Daddy’s girl. Loves swimming and 10/10 will guilt you into playing with her or throwing her ball.


Mama’s boy. Certified Mega Mutt. Loves sunbathing, rubs of any kind, and splooting.


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