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Your wedding will surely be exquisite and every detail plays a part in telling your love story, but after the band plays that final song or all of your stunning florals have begun to wilt – what are you going to remember? Tell me what makes your heart happy. I can’t encourage my couples enough to simply worry about being present and allow me and the rest of the vendors you’ve hand chosen to take care of the rest. Be in the moment and in love.


There is something intangible about being present in these very real and utterly special moments with you, that lights a fire in me. That’s my why. It would be my honor and privilege to be your photographer and capture those once in a lifetime, evocative moments for you.

About the artist

hi, I'm Abbey

With a penchant for finding the best light and using a mix film and digital as my chosen mediums, I deliver the perfect blend of fine art editorial portraiture and organic photojournalistic moments to my clients. There is beauty in everything and I intend on capturing it with intentionality and lightheartedness.


Since 2014, my work has been featured online and in print publications including The Huffington Post, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Inspired by This and more. When I’m not showing off my sick dance moves at your wedding, you can find me enjoying a slow morning, camping with or snuggled by a bonfire with my husband, Nathan, or on an evening stroll around the block with our 3 rescue pups.


I care a lot about animals and their welfare, and the conservation of our planet. While always evolving and trying to be better, eco-consciousness and sustainability is something I’ve grown to become very passionate about. Don’t be surprised if one day we just become one of those self-sustaining, off grid cottage people.

Image by Lindy Hudman Photography

I've been to over 40 countries,
but these were my fave

United Kingdom




meet the team

Remi | assistant

Remi is the most loyal daddy’s girl who doesn’t really like to do much of anything but snooze and guilt me into throwing her ball for the zillionth time. She likes face kisses, sneaking carrots when I’m not looking, and The Bachelor. Her DNA test says she’s a quarter dachshund. Her strength is keeping up good vibes in the office.

Chester | Office Manager

Chester is the sweetest certified Mega Mutt, mama’s boy who likes to be sure we’re always fully stocked with business necessities, like printer paper and cuddles. He’s very good at protecting us from the mailman and when relaxing, he enjoys sunbathing, rubs of any kind, and splooting. Likes to sign his emails with smiley faces at the end.

Ruger | editing specialist

Ruger is the newest addition to our team. He is a spicy little Chi/Pom/Yorkie mix who, when he’s not retouching your images, likes to patrol the office to make sure we’re all on task. In his free time he enjoys sleeping in his cuddle cup, riding in his backpack, and bossing around the other dogs.


  • You press play on a true crime podcast daily
  • you’re a dedicated plant mom
  • you brew your own kombucha
  • there’s a pet bed in every room of your house
  • you like to shred on your peloton
  • you like spontaneous dance parties
  • you love reality shows and a little bit alexis
  • you always have snacks and water, just in case

The ALP Timeline

photographed my first wedding
began incorporating film into my work
Rediscovered my love for photography
moved to germany and lived there for 3 years
moved to texas and began planting roots

brief History of ALP

It all started with a Little gifted Canon Rebel and marrying the right person

My college sweetheart and I were married in 2014, exactly 2 years after he asked me to be his girlfriend, in an intimate ceremony with only our families present. Just weeks after our college graduation and wedding, we moved from our hometown of Virginia Beach, VA to a tiny town in Oklahoma so he could fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a USAF pilot.


I’ve always been a creative dreamer but with a shiny new and expensive Bachelor’s degree, I was eager to join the workforce — but I wasn’t happy. Long story short, with the encouragement and unwavering support of my hunk, I quit my day job and began pursuing my hobby turned passion of photographing couples in love professionally and never looked back.



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